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2022-04-21 23:23:33
The Creative Production Agency

Hello! We're Experience, the creative production agency.

We are experts in inventing, designing and producing unique experiences, for every type of audience, in any space, across the globe.

So, what's your next event, and how can we help?

Drop us an email to: hello@experience-event.com

Or give us a call on +44 (0) 20 3405 7240.

You can also click on the website link to see more, follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter, but do get in touch as we can help with any requirement.

We’ve designed stage sets for televised award shows, delivered intimate conferences in the most unusual of locations, created award winning experiences to communicate a brand’s strategy, launched numerous products, thrown some amazing parties, staged concerts, built exhibitions, managed fashion shows and more...

We’re ready to help you create your next outstanding event!

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