What do we do for employers?

You must be inundated with applicants who don't quite hit the mark.

Why? Because the usual social channels and job boards aren’t industry-specific, and as such you get bombarded with inappropriate, unqualified applications, which waste your time as well as the applicants.

Surely there must be another way?

What if we said you could post your jobs to an industry relevant audience of over 100,000+ professionals?

Or keyword search for profiles on a database and download their CVs directly yourself.
How about automatically post across social channels?

Plus, review data analytics on your adverts to track who views it and monitor applications in one easy to use secure dashboard.

No-fuss, no drama, and no huge fees.

Take a look at these employers and recruiters looking for talent right NOW.

Search job seekers by sector

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Agency 15 jobseekers
Audio Visual 4 jobseekers
Brand Experiences 2 jobseekers
Conferences 7 jobseekers
Corporate 8 jobseekers
Creative Events 5 jobseekers
Digital 1 jobseekers
Exhibitions 11 jobseekers
Experiential 3 jobseekers
Festivals 5 jobseekers
Hybrid 0 jobseekers
In-person Events 11 jobseekers
Incentives 2 jobseekers
Integrated 2 jobseekers
Live Events 11 jobseekers
Marketing 10 jobseekers
Meetings 0 jobseekers
Outdoor 0 jobseekers
Production 3 jobseekers
Sales 6 jobseekers
Travel 3 jobseekers
Venues 5 jobseekers
Virtual 0 jobseekers
Other 465 jobseekers

We have a choice of 2 simple payment methods.

Featured or standard?

A standard job posting will appear in chronological order, whilst a featured post will appear on the jobseeker landing page and at the top of all job searches.


Whatever you choose, both types of postings will reach an industry relevant audience of over 100,000+ professionals via our media partner’s subscribers and social media channels, plus our database of registered active job seekers and our wonderful community partners.