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There’s a lot of noise out there from people trying to tell you what you should be doing during your job hunt.

Unfortunately, most of them are trying to take money from your pocket whilst dazzling you with shiny websites and phrases like “personal brand”.

Our founder Robert doesn’t pretend to know everything; however, after 20 years in #eventprofs #experientialmarketing #recruitment, he’s happy to give advice. He’s also created a free CV template at the bottom of this page too…

What we will say, is you are the best person to make a judgement call with all the advice you receive, only you can determine what feels right, so if in doubt, go with your gut.

Or in Robert’s straightforward language:

“This is just my advice, you’re a grown-up so make your own decisions”

The times they are a-changin’, and although it feels like the world is on fire, you can control a lot more than you thought.
Robert was asked to present a crash course session at IMEX to help people ensure they present the best possible version of themselves across the 3 core areas a potential employer uses during the selection process. 
Video interviews will be a huge part of the hiring model and as such, it’s imperative that you’re fully prepared as you will literally only get one shot at making a good impression.

Your CV is your marketing document and the first time a prospective employer lays virtual eyes on you.

Everyone has their own advice about CVs; one or two pages, yes or no to a covering letter, etc.

Our advice: show your CV to your friends and family and ask them what three things they’re thinking about you.

If they can’t articulate what you’d like them to, it doesn’t work.

The average recruiter/hiring manager scans your CV for six seconds before deciding whether to read it, so it’s really important the content is clear and concise as well the wording being easy to digest and understand.

If you only remember one thing, it’s this. What do you want them to say about you?

Below, you can find a handy template that we’ve created for you to download and use as a starting point if you need to.

Click Here to Download our CV Template