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Sales Manager

Part Time
£40,000 pro rata + commission

Who we are looking for

You’ll learn that we’re normally less forward but we don’t want to waste your time so let’s get to it:

We want somebody that is going to help grow the size of the Stress Matters.  We are a workplace wellbeing company that has been growing organically since late 2018.  But now’s the time to step this growth up with a proactive and dedicated approach.

You are going to be an experienced sales person who knows how to close deals with potential customers.  You’re going to understand and be able to influence a sales strategy and have a positive record in developing new markets.

In the future, we would love you to be running a team but right now, it’s going to be a case of getting stuck in to all elements of sales.  Collaboration will absolutely be encouraged and expected but we will be looking for you to bring your ideas and experience forward to have a big influence.

As a small company, all it takes is one or two clients to have a huge impact on how the business operates and succeeds.  We are nimble and will build the team quickly as the need grows.  As a certified B Corporation, impact is important to us and we will work with you to build clear sprint goals to feed into the wider business objectives.

We don’t care what your title is, but we know that for some people it really does matter, let’s chat to work out where you sit.  We’re much more focused on impact than identity. 

We aren’t expecting you to work everyday, we see this is a part time role and so we hope that this might fit around other priorities.  We love working with people that have a variety of interests and passions.  

Our whole team is incentivised by team success and you’d be no different.  There will be no maximum level for your incentive scheme that is based on all new work secured.

You will be the first member of our sales team and you will be influential in shaping how it develops.  Whether that is additional team members, new approaches or increasing the hours that you work, as the business grows, we want your opportunity to develop to match your ambitions.     

It’s great we’ve got your attention and you’re still reading… So now we want to share a little more about ourselves!

Our approach is to make Workplace Wellbeing Easy.  For our clients but also for us.  We are always looking for innovative solutions.  We don’t want a team of people being caught up in admin, we want a team that can be brave and bold with their ideas and make change happen.  Not only do we have the opportunity to work at the highest level, but on meaningful projects too.  That’s why we look for brave risk-takers – those who are always thinking one step ahead to power our organisation forward and realise our ambitious vision.

We are a tiny team and people assume we are a bigger team than we are.  We try, and often succeed, on having big impact but when working at Stress Matters, you join a small handful of people that are all connected in their mission to make change happen.

We want to be bigger, and have even greater impact, and that’s where you hopefully come in :-)

We made an active decision prior to the world hitting Team Zoom, that we wanted to be a virtual team.  We’ve always known that balance is essential and it is far easier to create that balance when your day isn’t spent commuting. 

But don’t you worry, you social people, we still make sure we have plenty of team time.  We have a very strong team culture and identity, we just know the importance of living our values and we know that it’s this that makes us feel and act like a team wherever we are.  (plus we do have Team Huddles and lots of team fun days so it’s not fully remote!)   Our team is a great mix of introverts and extroverts and so that balance between collaboration and concentration is a really personal and honed approach to the way we work.  

Now it’s not a prerequisite in the slightest but what often happens, is that the people that are most drawn to working in workplace wellbeing are those people that have experienced poor wellbeing at some point.  As a team, we all have our own experiences of poor mental health and are on our own journeys.  Empathy is extremely important to us and we think in life generally so regardless of what your wellbeing is, we want to create a collaborative and inclusive organisation not a working environment where anyone feels isolated.

Should you apply?

Well only you know the answer to this question, but if you’re still reading, we are going to guess you probably should!

Now we know that of course money does help your world go round so we can’t ignore the subject of salary.  As we’ve already shared, we see this as a part time role and have a budget of £24,000 available for someone to work 3 days per week.  With the commission structure, there is no limit.  You win the work, we all win and so you win again.  Easy!

We know that sometimes people can be put off applying for a job if they can’t tick every box, but we realise that the perfect candidate doesn’t exist.  So if you can do most of what we are looking for, go ahead and apply, you may be exactly what we need! 

Please apply by 27th May 2022.

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Sales Manager
£40,000 pro rata + commission